Club Rotaract București Nord

Our mission

is to be the bridge among Rotaractors and the resources they need.

Daniel-Jean Slav

President 2020-2021

Our Strategic Business Analyst

Camelia Costea


Our Dentist

Bianca Adelina Florea

Our EU Rights specialist

Vlad Batală

Our Business Development specialist

Georgiana Bivolariu

Our Architect

Răzvan Oltean

Our EU Grants specialist

Leonard Pirlog

Our IT specialist

Sergiu-Traian Vasilescu

Vice-President/Upcoming President 2021-2022

Our Business Lawyer

Ana Costea


Our Dentist

Simona Rasu

Our Doctor

Beatrice Bran

Our PR

Alexandru Drăistaru

Our Marketing specialist

Alin Popescu

Our Public and Governmental Affaires specialist

Michael Mayla

Our Regional Attorney


“Friendship is a natural and willing servant….There is no reason…why the great power of friendship should not be harnessed to do its part in the world’s work.”

— Report of the President, 1912 Rotary Convention, Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Friendship was the foundation rock on which Rotary was built and tolerance is the element which holds it together.

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